Ganesha Immersion

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the grandest and most sacred festivals of Hindus globally wherein devotees pay huge respect to the Lord Ganesh. After a ten-day long activities andcelebrations, the festival reaches to a grand conclusion through the act of Ganesha Immersion or visarjan. The installed idols or images of the Lord Ganesha would be piously de-installed for immersion after a series of fervent worshipping and religious activities in houses, offices and buildings for the whole duration. The immersion of idols would usually take place on Ananta Chaturdasi, which falls at the eleventh day after the starting of the festival. There are no specific rules for Ganesha Visarjan, as many people do it even before the prescribed date, while the majority prefers the usual 11th-day rule. As the day approaches, people devotedly de-install theidols or images of the Lord Ganesh amid great fanfare to take them out on a passionate procession. The idols are placed on a make-up and heavily decorated vehicle which are smoothly taken past the streets of the town. Hundreds of enthusiastic devotees gather to see-off th idols to Ganesha immersion in the nearby sea or beach or pond or lake. A series of activities follow the idols’ procession wherein dancing, singing, shrieking, chanting and colour spraying add to the charm. Slowly and steadily, the procession reaches to the nearby virtuous water-source, accompanied by colourful and animated people. The devotees take out the idols or images from the sacred pedestal, tightly-hold to take it to the marginally deep water. And amid theconstant chants of “Ganpati bappa morya agle baras tu jaldi aa”, the Ganesha immersion takes place in the backdrop of offerings of coconut, fruits, colours and flowers to endthe festival for the season.

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